About DaRudeBwoy

     Haitian born and bred, found his voice and started rapping at the age of 17. After relocating to Miami, FL, in a traditional Haitian household, DaRudeBwoy discovered the art of perseverance, adversity, and the will to survive by his biggest hero, his mother.
While growing up listening to music influenced by Haitian Kompa, dancehall, and hip-hop from a range of artists like Bob Marley, Jay Z., Nas, Wyclef, Shabba Ranks, KRS-1 and Capleton, DaRudeBwoy caught hold to his life long dream of lending his voice to the ever-changing generation. His life goals and internal focus propelled him to want to make a difference in how music is received and interpreted.

DaRudeBwoy posing outside on the streets of Atlanta, GA. 2015

     As his passion ignited and music evolved, so did DaRudeBwoy. The evidence of his work was showcased in his first five consecutive mix-tapes, followed by his freshman album; Jekyll & Hyde. With a huge international following, the Haitian born rapper continued his progressive work by releasing his latest mix tape; Resident Alien hosted by DJ Such n Such & DJ UNK, and his subsequent number 1 best selling single No LoL. With a genuine hunger and unique style of flare and creativity, DaRudeBwoy carved out his own unchartered path in the hip-hop community. As others watched and looked on, this unsuspecting force of imploding talent showed up and shocked the world.